About 1,500 enthusiasts filled the Museum of American History's Flag Hall Thursday night to help celebrate a national treasure -- jazz.

A relaxed "Sweet Loraine" by the Doc Cheatham Sextet featured the leader's beautiful trumpet tone and his tongue-in-cheek vocal on "I Want a Little Girl" broke up the house. Tenor saxophonist Eddie Barefield's "Body and Soul" brought many to their feet and drummer Jackie Williams threw everything in the book into "Caravan." Al Hall was on bass, Bobby Pratt on trombone and Chuck Folds at the piano.

Clark Terry's Jolly Giants kicked off with "TeePee Time," a horse race on which the leader's fluent fluegelhorn and Chris Woods' alto saxophone were neck and neck in unison blowing. Wood's feature, "You Can't Win None Of 'Em," found him preaching with fervor on his horn. Drummer Terri Lyne Carrington powered the ensemble zealously with polished skills. Pianist John Campbell is someone to watch.

Archie Shepp, always a powerful player, packed his set with emotion, employing to good effect, circular breathing and multiphonics on soprano saxophone and rattling at the seams in ballad delivery on tenor. His opening vocal, a soapbox harangue over his boiling rhythm section, sent chills up the spine. Cameron Brown was on bass, Emory Smith at the piano and Wade Barnes on drums.