You could be dancing.

Call it "Escape From the City." Disengage your brain and let your body have its say.

You can solo in your room, a private dancer with the stereo set on "stun." Or step inside a nightclub, surrounded by the sound, the smoke, the swirl of strangers.

No matter where you do it, dancing is democratic -- it's the motion that matters, not size, shape or age.

And unlike so many fun things in life, dancing is actually good for you. Take your body for a spin. A strut. A stretch. A slide.

Alone or a deuxing's a heavy-duty workout that sets your heart to the Beat. (Where do you think dancers get those sleek shapes?)

So jump! Shake a leg. Or belly up to the barre.

We've assembled a sampling of dance classes that could help make your night moves all the right moves.

When you want to soak up some inspiration, you have a standing invitation to dance: Watch what our six-pack of local troupes can do.

And when you know how to do it -- and "two left feet" is no excuse anymore -- check our list of nightspots to find the music that moves you: from go-go to "go slow," heavy metal to hoedown, breakdancing to ballroom to big band -- and all steps in between.