FAST FORWARD," where Disneyland and "Beat Street" meet, is an innocuous if stupefyingly daffy dance debacle featuring the unrelenting terpsichore of a group of wholesome kids from Sandusky, Ohio, called the Adventurous Eight.

The Eight, two men and six women, all look like they live inside cereal boxes. They dance and sing their way to New York City to compete in a band contest, where they discover breakin' and poppin'. They go to a lawn party, dance in the streets for money and enlist the aid of a kindly old lady who owns a talent agency. Inevitably, they take Manhattan.

The film is directed by the well-meaning Sidney Poitier whose script urges self-reliance and is scrupulously universal. There is no sexism, no racism, no generationism here.

The stars are appealing, probably even gifted, but the material isn't there to test their skills. John Scott Clough, the lead, is so gosh- almighty Mickey Rooney, you'd like to scream. And Don Franklin, the lanky costar, stands out for his long grace and strong face. The women do a lot of dancing, energetically, but it isn't exactly a ball -- more like a slow reel.

FAST FORWARD (PG) -- At area theaters.