"Gone With the Wind" goes on sale for VCR's in March and I for one am not going to buy it because I hate the ending.

I have always hated the ending. I hated it when I was 11 and first read the book; I hated it when I was 17 and first saw the movie and I have hated it about 15 times since then whenever it was showing anywhere within a 50-mile radius of my house and I have rushed to see it yet again.

I hate it because in spite of her 16-inch waist, her arched, lifted eyebrow, her allure, her pluck and grit, Scarlett doesn't get her man.

For a couple of years a sequel was going to take care of all that. Anne Edwards was writing it and I had no doubt that Scarlett and Rhett would be reunited, not in some affectionate, sensible, mid-life way, but with all the wild desire of a first love. Scarlett's impetuosities would be vindicated by Rhett's passionate devotion and all of us women could feel comfortable with our lusts and greeds.

But the plans for a sequel came to nothing. "Gone With the Wind" remains as it has always been and if I buy it, it will still have a rotten ending. So I've decided to take a stand. I'm not going to buy the movie until they fix up the ending. I'm even willing to help them out. I've figured out three possible endings.

In one of them, Scarlett gets him back; in another, she's content to let him go and in a third, well, someone else gets him, someone deserving, honest. Ending Number 1

He: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

She: But Rhett . . . Rhett?

He: What, Scarlett.

She: Haven't you forgotten something?

He: What's that?

She: Haven't you forgotten to kiss me goodbye?

He: For goodness sake, Scarlett, I'm leaving you. This is no time for goodbye kisses.

She: Well, fiddle-dee-dee! What a very sour face you're making, Rhett Butler. You'd think you were afraid to kiss me.

He: Don't be foolish, Scarlett. I'm not at all afraid to kiss you.

She: Oh?

He: Of course not.

She: Oh?

He: Not at all.

She: Well, then, why not a little goodbye kiss for old time's sake?

He: Oh, very well. (Leans over and begins to kiss her. Emits a loud groan and sweeps her off her feet.) Oh Scarlett, I can't resist you! I'm enslaved by your charms. I want to leave you, but I can't.

She: (While being swept up a very wide, steep staircase.) Well, don't worry about it Rhett. Think about it tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day! Ending Number 2

He: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

She: Wow, Rhett, that's pretty heavy. Give me a chance to get my head together, okay?

He: Sorry, Scarlett, that was a cheap shot. Here's how I see it. We made a commitment to give our relationship five years and now I want out after four. I can understand how that's really hard for you; I can feel your pain.

She: I don't know about pain. I'm feeling more like . . . confused. Our relationship's given me something to focus on, you know? I haven't really thought beyond it.

He: That's it, Scar, that's what I mean. Like our relationship's defined us, you know? Me, the rake, you the spitfire. But am I really a rake? Does being a rake work for me anymore?

She: And if we don't split, that's all we can be. Is that what you mean, Rhett?

He: Yeah! What we have to do is give each other some space, listen to our own selves.

She: I get you, Rhett. Set our own goals, our own prioritizations. Find out what's really me. I like it, Rhett.

He: I knew you would, Scar.

She: Yeah. I'm thinking . . . MBA.

He: Sure, I can see where you're coming from on that. I'm thinking about shipping. It'll be hard, Scar, but I think it's the right thing for both of us.

She: Growth hurts, Rhett, I know that. We'll have to be our own best friends.

He: I'm feeling good about this, Scar.

She: It seems to fit, Rhett. Well, you'd better go, I've got a lot to do.

He: Right. Bye, Scarlett, have a nice day. Ending Number 3

He: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.


(Walks down the street, encounters a woman.)

He: Oh, hello. I . . . you . . . oh . . . woman of my dreams, who are you?

She: Linda Walker.

He: You beautiful, wonderful, desirable, intelligent, irresistible woman, run away with me down the Mississippi on a steamboat and I will spoil you with cakes and diamonds and make love to you all night long. Oh my love, my beloved, my beloved love, steal away with me, come with me, please!

She: Okay