Designer Zoran calls it his Washington look. "When I first got to Washington during the summer two years ago, I saw the most wonderful-looking young men and women in Georgetown wearing shorts and polo shirts and sneakers. I always remembered how really wonderful it looked."

Now Zoran has incorporated this Washington look into his new collection, showing shorts in many fabrics and easy-fitting tops as a major theme for the upcoming spring.

He's not alone. Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein have included shorts of all sorts in their spring collections. Gloria Sachs likes white linen Bermudas with a navy-and-white primitive print shirt for weekend wear. Bill Blass pairs shorts with a beaded top as a nifty new way to dress for dinner.

"Let's face it, it is very practical," says Zoran. "The wind doesn't blow up the skirt. And you can sit easier, no?"

In Zoran's spring collection shorts appear in every fabrication, from ivory satin shown with an off-white silk knit sweatshirt for evening, to linen with an easy-cut jacket, to cashmere with a sleeveless cotton tunic and a silk taffeta rain-or-shine coat "for a breezy spring day."

Zoran likes shorts worn with flat shoes -- he likes everything worn with flat shoes, for that matter. And everything is pastel, mostly ivory and other shades of off-white, except for a blue "only for Nantucket."

Not everything in the collection is short, however. There are some deeply ribbed knit dresses that cut off below the knee (but which might be worn hiked up and belted). "Let's face it," concludes Zoran. "Shorts are for the young and the daring."