Former pro football player Jim Brown, booked for investigation of rape and sexual battery, asserted his innocence yesterday, calling his arrest "the fastest in history."

"There is no way I would rape anyone," Brown said in an interview on the "CBS Morning News." "That is totally untrue."

Brown is free on bail while officials decide whether to file charges.

"I'm waiting to see the report from the hospital on the technical aspect of rape," Brown said. "I think if the police would reveal those findings, I'm sure it will exonerate me."

Brown, 49, was arrested Wednesday at his home in Hollywood Hills, Calif., after the alleged incident late Tuesday night, said Sgt. Richard Beardslee of the Los Angeles Police Department. Arrested along with Brown was a woman identified as Carol Moses, 22, who was booked for sexual battery, according to Sgt. Charles McTageart. Brown was released on $17,500 bail and Moses on $1,000 bail, police said.

Police said the arrests stemmed from the complaint of a woman who was not identified. She alleged that Brown, with the help of Moses, raped her after he struck her several times.

A spokesman for the district attorney, Al Albergate, said yesterday that the case is being investigated. "If charges are to be filed, that won't come until sometime next week. I think we can expect a decision next week."

Brown, now an actor, said, "The alleged incident occurred one night. The next morning when I walked to get my paper, there were 10 policemen there. They handcuffed me without telling me anything.

"They had a search warrant. They said there was marijuana in my house. They said my companion was involved. At no time until they sat me down at a table with my hands behind my back did they tell me what it was all about."