A sampling of educational software to help kids learn to write, recommended by EPIE, the Educational Products Information Exchange:

* Kidwriter: Picture-story writing tool for 6- to 10-year-olds, which includes different story settings and graphics and introduces word processing. Spinnaker Software Corp.($34.95).

* That's My Story: Word-processing program to help kids write stories by offering them sample paragraphs and prompting them with questions like "What if . . .?" Best for grades 4-6. Learning Well ($59.95).

* The Hinky Pinky Game: Vocabulary-development game for age 9 to adult. Users create adjective-noun combinations that rhyme, like "fat cat." Four ability levels. The 22nd Avenue Workshop ($30).

* Word Functions: Drill and instruction in homonyms, synonyms and antonyms. Grades 4-12. BrainBank Inc. ($99).

* Wizard of Words: Five games to improve word recognition and spelling skills. Ages 7-13, Computer Advanced Ideas Inc. ($39.95).

* Play With Language: Activities to help early readers recognize words, complete sentences and answer questions. Best for grades 1-2. Children's Computer Workshop, Radio Shack ($99).

* The Bank Street Writer: Word-processing program designed for upper-elementary to junior-high students. Scholastic Inc. ($95).

* Cut & Paste: Word-processing software, recommended for middle-school students. Electronic Arts ($50).

For more information on educational software, the Educational Software Selector (Educational Products Information Exchange, $59.95) contains reviews and descriptions of almost 7,000 educational programs. For more information: P.O. Box 839, Water Mill, N.Y. 11976.