"I take risks," he says after the high-speed car chase. "We could have been killed," she tells him. "That's what I call a risk," he says. Tonight's ABC movie, "Kicks," at 9 on Channel 7, takes a risk, too. It risks being scoffed off the screen. After a cagily titillating buildup, it degenerates into another variation on "The Most Dangerous Game," a pat chase through coy scares.

Anthony Geary, looking as seedily dissipated as ever, plays a wire-haired millionaire who is very easily bored. So he plays fate-tempting games like getting mugged on purpose and then beating up the muggers. At sky-diving school he spots Shelley Hack (looking appealingly weathered and Mia Farrow-thin) and pegs her as a potentially kindred spirit. Indeed she is. Her idea of fun is to bring a cobra into bed with them and take turns trying to pluck silver dollars from its basket.

"All the rules and the limits people have placed on me my whole life, they're all gone," she pants in his ear; he pants back, "And it turns you on, doesn't it?" Yes it does. They not only embrace each other high atop San Francisco on a construction beam, they gain mutual carnal knowledge during a surreptitious elevator ride (one of those naughty-naughty things just everybody has wanted to do).

Director William Wiard and writer David Levinson suggest they will escalate these pranks gradually until both players discover they're in over their heads and then learn the hard-to-learn value of self-restraint. But no, the screenplay takes a big leap into the absurd during a robbery, and soon Geary is blackmailing Hack with a videocassette (that already old trick from "Hollywood Wives") and chasing her all around town with a high-powered rifle. Alas, "Kicks" shrinks from its own kinks.