Former president Richard M. Nixon may not be in good health and may very well be one of the most disliked presidents in history, but he's never been afraid to stir the waters. Nixon has a new book out, "No More Vietnams," in which he talks tough about terrorism and even takes a thinly disguised swipe at the Reagan administration.

In this, his sixth book, Nixon says the United States should give terrorists one warning and then strike back "even if there is some risk to innocent people." Concerning the Reagan administration, which has faced horrible terrorist attacks in Lebanon without ever retaliating, he writes: "Repeated threats to retaliate that are not followed by action are counterproductive. A president of the United States should only warn once."

As for Vietnam, he writes: "The intensity of my feelings about it stems from having been the president who inherited the Vietnam War at its peak and had to end it, and having then seen the peace that was won at such cost thrown away so cavalierly." He describes Saigon's fall 10 years ago as the Soviet Union's greatest victory in one of the key battles of the Third World War.