When Bogart met a wicked woman, at least it was an even match. When Gregory Harrison meets one in the CBS movie "Seduced" tonight, he just goes wimp. He stands around waiting for a movie to happen, and unfortunately it never does. Maybe if he had done something to help; after all, he was executive producer, too. As an actor, Harrison always seems to be contemplating the bridge of his own nose. The earth curdles beneath his feet.

Cybill Shepherd, on the other hand, smirks her way right up the old spine with effortless brassy sass in this failed attempt at a film noir thriller. It's more film mauve, really. Channel 9, in fact, will preempt the network's shiny new trash for pulp of purpler vintage, "The Other Side of Midnight." Shepherd and Harrison can be seen doing their things on Channel 11, the CBS affiliate in Baltimore, at 9.

Quite a cast was assembled for this smoky, poky dud, like for instance both Ferrers, Jose' and Mel -- though Mel, as Shepherd's rich and elderly husband, gets bumped off quite early in the picture. Then there's the always welcome, never quite adequate Adrienne Barbeau, playing the daughter of the murdered rich man and participant in a big meow-off with Shepherd right after the reading of the will.

Cyb is left everything, natch.

Harrison, as a state's attorney, is also supposed to be vying for the presidency of a big corporation, but the murder and his rekindlement of an affair with Shepherd put a certain whammy on that. They hie off to an island for a few romps after a long love-making scene that, for better or worse, gets a bit more explicit than the TV norm. Foot smooching is big this year, it seems.

"Arthur came to regard his children as useless parasites," Shepherd at one point says of the murdered husband -- one of the few lines with a whacking ring of truth.

Shepherd will be competing with herself tonight, since her new caper series "Moonlighting" airs on ABC opposite the second hour of "Seduced," a concern only to that handful of humans who actually will make it as far as the second hour of "Seduced." In an interview for "Entertainment Tonight," Shepherd said recently her best stuff was cut out of "Seduced" and that she personally would watch "Moonlighting" if given a choice. That makes her astute as well as what Ed Norton would call "va-va-va voom."