The 29 concerts of next season's recital series at the Kennedy Center's Terrace Theater will include the Washington debuts of the eminent German tenor Siegfried Jerusalem, Israeli-Canadian violist Rivka Golani, the Manchester Music Festival String Orchestra, the New Irish Chamber Orchestra and the Dresden Chamber Orchestra.

The series will also include concerts by a number of frequent visitors: pianist Horacio Gutierrez, pianist Nikita Magaloff, baritone Richard Stilwell, soprano Lucia Popp, the Brandenburg Ensemble and the Guarneri String Quartet.

The 1985-86 season will be the fifth of the Terrace Theater concerts. The number of recitals will remain the same as this season and will be divided into the same categories : piano recitals (five), ensembles (11 -- if you count the Washington debut of noted pianist Misha Dichter and his wife Cipa as a two-piano team), American composers (five), song recitals (three) and the special Abe Fortas Chamber Music series (five performances), named for the late Supreme Court justice who was a founder of the Kennedy Center and the person most instrumental in establishing the Terrace Theater.

Subscribers do not have to buy a complete series if they want only a particular concert.

One category -- the singers series -- has lagged in attendance despite the performers' considerable distinction, to the bafflement of Kennedy Center officials. Marta Istomin, the center's artistic administrator, said she decided to cut this series from four to three concerts next season only because the fourth singer she wanted could not come.

Because of the Terrace Theater's limited capacity of just more than 400 seats, the concerts there will probably never make a profit. To help compensate, a $1 million endowment named for Fortas is under way. Commitments are well past the halfway mark.

The scale of the hall is meant to match the scale of chamber performances. "It preserves an attitude toward music," said Istomin in an interview, "and I do feel that this leads to a way of performing that is often lost in the world because of bigger halls and other extramusical demands."

The new season's Composers' Series will be devoted to Lamont Young, Henry Brant, Donald Martino, George Crumb and Leroy Jenkins.

Other artists scheduled include pianists David Lively, Seymour Lipkin and Abbey Simon; the Lanier Trio; the Washington Bach Consort; the Empire Brass Quintet; the Muir String Quartet; cellist Miklos Perenyi; the Romero Guitar Quartet; the Kalichstein/Laredo/Robinson Trio; the Ridge String Quartet and duo violinists Ani and Ida Kavafian.