What did you do in front of the bathroom mirror this morning? Or when you caught your reflection on the way into the office? As you headed off to the grocery store?

Scowl, smile, primp?

The way you act in front of a mirror could tell you something about yourself. See if you can spot your personality in one or more of these examples:

* The Mugger -- The person who hams it up, smirks or makes faces at him or herself when looking at a mirror. This person is naturally expressive.

Muggers have a talent for imitating people. They like themselves and other people and are likely to get jobs dealing with the public. They are the type you can ask for a loan: a soft touch.

* The Scowler -- Frowns or scowls at the mirror. He scowls a lot because he's unhappy with himself and the world. He often appears pressured and consequently is often unable to enjoy himself or anybody else.

* The Prober -- Looks long and deeply into his or her own eyes, studying the face very carefully. This is a person who often has a lot of unanswered questions about life and relationships with others. They look deeply into their own eyes hoping to probe their souls to find answers. Most teens go through this stage. Unsure of themselves, they try to build their self-confidence before the mirror.

* The Dreamer -- When this person looks into a mirror, it's a signal to think of the past or the future. Instead of seeing his own image, a dreamer uses a mirror as a magic screen to conjure up images of past or imagined romantic encounters and exciting adventures.

* The Disgruntled Doer -- Sees everything except his or her image, and notices, instead, insignificant details such as specks or distortions and whatever background is reflected. Preoccupied, he/she free associates to thoughts of unfinished business.

A housewife might think of unfinished laundry, grocery shopping and other errands that need doing. A businessman may think of sales contacts he has to meet, calls that need to be returned and paperwork that needs finishing.

* The Smiler -- Whenever this person looks in the mirror, he or she smiles. This person smiles not because of a narcissistic love of self, but because of a love of humanity. Smilers are very satisifed with life. They like their own appearance and are friendly. They believe a positive approach conquers problems and they're often right.

* The Growler -- The type who, when he sees his image in the mirror, turns away. He avoids looking at himself. This person is often anti-social, so intent on accomplishing goals, that he or she can't be bothered by matters of personal appearance; it's his way of resisting the authority of others.

* The Primper -- Cannot pass a mirror without stopping, posing or fussing. Apt to have many mirrors in their homes, these people are in love with themselves and always carry an array of primping devices. Whenever they encounter a mirror, out comes the comb, brush or makeup kit. They are sensitive to any new lines or blemishes on their faces. Their self-preoccupation indicates they have low self-esteem; they may feel a lack of love in their life.

* The Thinker -- More interested in ideas than personality. This person studies the face but ignores his or her below-the-neck appearance. This indicates a cerebral rather than a physical individual: a person who would rather talk with others, read a book or pursue other intellectual stimulation than engage in sports.

* The Investigator -- A mirror-gazer who concentrates on viewing the body below the neck. These people are usually physically active and restless indoors -- the type who like to participate in sports or other outdoor activities. This person is health- and fashion-conscious and is often concerned about the effects of diet and exercise on the body. Often these people are artistically sensitive to color, proportion and style in general. They try to portray a sense of style with their own bodies.

The meaning of all this? What you see could be who you are.