THIS IS one of those weekends studded with simultaneous dance performances, most of them by area artists. Here's a brief rundown:

Tommmy Tune, Sandy Duncan and Honi Coles won't be the only hoofers wearing down the floorboards this weekend. The Tap Quartet, a promising new ensemble with an appreciation for the rhythms of jazz, will be tapping to big band music and modern jazz in the intimate confines of D.C. Space this Friday and Saturday.

Liz Lerman and her Dance Exchange Performing Company, a troupe known as much for their outspoken, often political approach to dance as for their considerable technical and theatrical skills, will settle into Baird Auditorium Friday as part of the Smithsonian's "Salute to Washington Dance Series." They'll be joined by the Dancers of the Third Age -- the "gray panthers" of modern dance -- in one of Lerman's earliest pieces, "Bonsai."

Spritely choreographer Cathy Paine will share a program with English performance artist Julyen Norman at the Dance Place Friday and Saturday. Part one, a Norman piece with the unlikely title "Perambulating Vegetables," makes use of masks, video and sculpture. Part two, Paine's "Short Circus," features 12 dancers and a composite score by Albinoni and the Organs and Orchestrions of Virginia City, Montana.

For a look at the finest work being created by student choreographers at 16 colleges and universities, there's the American College Dance Festival Association's (Mid-Atlantic Regional Division) Festival Concert Saturday night at the University of Maryland's Tawes Theater.