The New Yorker magazine is quick to notice if an error is made by any other publication and likes to twit and have fun with the mistake in its pages. In the March 18 issue of the magazine, drama critic Brendan Gill wrote a review of the new play "The Octette Bridge Club" and had so much fun panning the production that he neglected to mention the name of the play. Gill, who is taking the week off, was not available to explain what happened. Martin Baron, the head of The New Yorker's legendary fact-checking department, said, however, that "the author chose not to mention the title of the play." Figuring obviously that his more sophisticated readers would know which play he was talking about.

"The Octette Bridge Club" has had its problems. It has not received good reviews and New York magazine critic John Simon referred to the play as "faggot nonsense" and drew a barrage of angry letters and canceled subscriptions to the magazine. Monday's issue of New York magazine will carry an apology from the editors and from Simon for the offensive comment about a play that doesn't even have a homosexual theme.