Most user groups charge nominal fees for software to cover costs of copying. Software is normally ordered by disk (e.g., utility programs, maze games) rather than individual program.

Software is generally distributed at meetings. Some groups have catalogues and will mail software; others make software available on electronic bulletin boards. Groups that provide software to members only are identified by an *. When writing for information, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Capital Area Osborne Users Group: 1,700 CP/M programs on 158 disks (can be formatted for almost any CP/M computer). Catalogues (2) $11 each. Bulletin board: (301) 292-7955. Information: 763 Hungerford Dr., Rockville Md. 20850.

*Capital Kaypro: 1,000 programs on 60 disks. Printed catalogue $2 (also on disk). Information: P.O. Box 2194, Kensington, Md. 20895.

Capital PC Users Group: 1,000 programs on 36 disks. Variety of bulletin boards run by special-interest groups (SIGS). Information: P.O. Box 6128, Silver Spring, Md. 20906.

CP/M Users Group of Washington: Largest CP/M public-domain library in area, over 200 disks. Three separate collections (national CP/M Users Group, CIG-M, and C language). Also has 100-disk DOS collection. Catalogues on disk $2 (each collection); include formatted disk, return postage and 50 cents handling. Information: Software Library, P.O. Box 11011, Arlington, Va. 22210-2011.

Novatari: Collection of 90 disks includes public-domain software distributed by Antic, Analog and Atari Explorers (magazines for Atari users). Bulletin board (members only).Information: Joe Waters (703) 430-1215.

*TRS 80 User Group: Several software collections to accommodate the variety of Radio Shack models and operating systems. Largest collection (200 disks) is model 212 (CP/M). Information: Paul Ledford (301) 292-7376, or bulletin board (703) 836-0384.

Washington Apple Pi: Several hundred disks of programs for Apple and Macintosh. Information and purchase of disks at club office: 8227 Woodmont Ave., Bethesda, Md. 20814. (301) 654-8060.

*Washington Area Commodore 64 Users Group: Several collections including educational series developed by Toronto school board (50 disks), Vic 20 collection and Washington Commodore collection. Information: Dick Jackson (703) 360-6749.

*Washington D.C. Area TI/99 Users Group: 1,000 programs, both disk and cassette collection. Library includes software updates and FORTH language donated when TI discontinued model 99. Information: Frank Jordan (301) 899-3707.