"Just another day at the beach." That's what Georgetown basketball fans are calling their team's trip to the NCAA final.

Hoya fans have gone Hawaiian. Last year John (J.K.) Kurkjian, now a junior at GU, leaped out of the crowd at a Capital Centre game and invented a dance to the theme song of "Hawaii Five-O." In surfing jams and bare chest the 6-foot, 230-pound business student mimed a swimmer's crawl and paddled an invisible boat, and the crowd went wild.

When Brian McGuire, director of GU sports promotion, saw how popular Kurkjian's dance was, "we made him more visible, putting him in front of the band. And then at the Syracuse game we put him at center court during half time."

"He isn't just a kid who dances," says sophomore Joe Laplante, who appears at games as Jack the bulldog, the school's mascot.

"The band members played the 'Hawaii Five-O' theme, but it never meant anything until J.K. got out there and danced," says junior Lloyd Horwich.

Friends call the jiggling, gyrating junior the "human wave."

The craze picked up momentum as sunglasses, Hawaiian leis and floral shirts became a uniform for Hoya fans at all games.

"I don't know what it has to do with basketball, but it's a great theme," says McGuire. "We came up with the idea of a 'title' wave. T-shirts were printed with 'Hoya Beach Club' and 'Ride the Hoya "Title" Wave.' "

The Hawaiian theme culminated in Lexington. Georgetown has given away hundreds of leis. The K mart across from the Continental Inn, Hoya headquarters, is selling $8 rayon Hawaiian shirts by the rack. And every night around the hotel's indoor pool, the parties have become beach parties.