There were a lot of parties in town Wednesday night and that put pressure on the big guns trying to make them all. There was the Ted Koppel anniversary party and the Walter Mondale becoming-a-full-time-lawyer party and the little get-together for retired general William Westmoreland. The same people often get invited to the same parties, but a number of them found time to show up at the home of American University President Richard Berendzen for a gathering he and his wife Gail hosted to give campus student leaders an opportunity to meet some of Washington's power brokers.

It was the second in a series of meetings known as Leaders' Night and, despite the competition, several top media, foreign and political leaders showed up to converse with students. Indian Ambassador K. Shankar Bajpai stopped by for what he said was his fourth event of the evening. Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul Volcker was wearing a tuxedo and on his way somewhere else. A group from the Koppel party, including ABC correspondents Steve Bell and Ann Compton came, as did three or four other ambassadors, Sens. Dan Quayle and Alan Simpson, Attorney General Edwin Meese III, FBI director William Webster and a smattering of media types like J.C. Hayward, Maury Povich, Larry King and Jim Lehrer.