Baseball season opens this Monday. But if you can't take yourself out to the park, you can still catch a game at the movies. After all, they've had some pretty good baseball players.

1. Can you name the actor who starred as Dizzy Dean, the irrepressible pitcher for the Cardinals, in "The Pride of St. Louis"?

a. Gene Kelly.

b. Brian Keith.

c. James Cagney.

d. Dan Dailey. 2. In "The Natural," Robert Redford played on which team?

a. New York Giants.

b. New York Knights.

c. New York Titans.

d. New York Yankees. 3. "It's Good to Be Alive" told the story of the Brooklyn Dodgers' Roy Campanella who, though paralyzed from an auto accident, refused to give up on life. Can you name the actor who starred as Campanella?

a. Lou Gossett.

b. James Earl Jones.

c. Paul Winfield.

d. Bill Cosby. 4. Yes, even Edward G. Robinson made an appearance in a baseball movie. Do you remember the movie?

a. "Big Leaguer."

b. "Murder at the World Series."

c. "Safe at Home!"

d. "The Glory Team." 5. In the 1951 movie "Rhubarb," the owner of the baseball team was:

a. a monkey.

b. a horse.

c. a cat.

d. a raccoon. 6. The trials and tribulations of being an umpire were presented in "Kill the Umpire," which starred:

a. William Demarest.

b. William Bendix.

c. William Windom.

d. William Wyler. 7. An average baseball fan was turned into all- star Tab Hunter by the Devil in "Damn Yankees." Do you remember who played the Devil?

a. Ray Walston.

b. John Carradine.

c. Victor Buono.

d. Keenan Wynn. 8. Can you name who starred in the 1950 baseball-biography "The Jackie Robinson Story"?

a. Harry Belafonte.

b. Woody Strode.

c. Jackie Robinson.

d. Sidney Poitier. 9. The troubled life and career of baseball star Jimmy Piersall came to the screen in "Fear Strikes Out." Piersall was played by:

a. Jimmy Stewart.

b. Anthony Perkins.

c. Dennis Hopper.

d. Robert Duvall. 10. Those Little-League misfits put on their traveling shoes in "The Bad News Bears Go to Japan." And this time around they were coached by:

a. Walter Matthau.

b. Lee Marvin.

c. Tony Curtis.

d. Jack Lemmon.


Here are the answers to the quiz on page 21.

1. d, Dan Dailey.

2. b, New York Knights.

3. c, Paul Winfield.

4. a, "Big Leaguer."

5. c, a cat.

6. b, William Bendix.

7. a, Ray Walston.

8. c, Jackie Robinson played himself.

9. b, Anthony Perkins.

10. c, Tony Curtis.