Among groups and programs serving the speech- and language-impaired:

American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA), Rockville. Professional organization with 41,000 members. (301) 897-5700.

The Child Center, of Centers for the Handicapped, a Silver Spring preschool program for the neurologically impaired/multiply handicapped. Total communication program that includes signing. (301) 593-8822.

Children's Hearing and Speech Center, Children's Hospital Medical Center, Washington, D.C. Provides evaluation and therapy, using signing and gestures when appropriate. (202) 745-5600.

Christ Church Child Center, private, nonsectarian day school (with sites in Rockville, Potomac and Bethesda) for multiply handicapped children. Total communication program includes use of signing. (301) 986-1635.

Gallaudet College, community counseling lab that answers questions and makes referrals on hearing, speech and language impairments, (202) 651-5586. The college also offers an associate of arts degree in interpreter/transliterator instruction, (202) 651-5630, and nondegree courses in signing, (202) 651-5960.

The Kennedy Institute, D.C., private, nonprofit center uses signing with developmentally disabled children and adults. (202) 529-7600.

The Logan Child Study Center, assessment and placement center for D.C. Public Schools Division of Special Education and Pupil Personnel Services. Places handicapped children aged 2-21. Staff trained in signing. (202) 724-4785.

National Association for Hearing and Speech Action (NAHSA), consumer affiliate of ASHA with about 1,500 members. Serves those with communication disorders. Help line: 897-8682 (in metro D.C. area); elsewhere, 800-638-8255. Has list of summer camps for speech- and hearing-impaired.

The National Children's Center, D.C. Uses some signing with multiply handicapped children. (202) 722-2333.

Northern Virginia Association for the Communicatively Impaired, Fairfax. Support group for parents of speech- and language-impaired. Workshops for professionals and parents. (703) 323-5826.

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Silver Spring. Publishes national registry of certified sign interpreters. (301) 588-2406.

The School for Contemporary Education, Springfield. Uses signing with behaviorally disordered children up to age 21. (703) 941-8810.

St. John's Child Development Center, D.C. Private, nonprofit center. Uses signing with autistic and severely and profoundly retarded children. (202) 363-7032.

Madge Skelly-Hakanson, developer of the Amerind Code, conducts three-day workshops to train professionals in its use. Fees from $40 to $90 per person, depending on the support from sponsoring institution. For more information: 1 Bratenahl Place, Apt. 802, Bratenahl, Ohio 44108.

The Treatment Centers for Disabled Children and Adults, Rockville. Private preschool program for children with language learning disabilities. Various forms of manual communication. (301) 424-5200.

Veterans Adminstration Hospital Center, Fort Howard, Md. Audiology and speech pathology department uses Amerind Code with stroke patients. (301) 477-1800.

Several state residential facilities for the mentally retarded, including Great Oaks Center in Silver Spring, (301-595-5000); Northern Virginia Training Center in Fairfax, (703-323-4088); Rosewood Center, Owings Mills, Md. (301-363-0300) incorporate signing in their programs.