With the cold weather likely to be over now, storing winter clothes is the next order of business. A new soft-cover book, "ClothesCare: Secrets of the Professionals," by James Wagenvoord and Fiona St. Aubyn, offers essential guidance.Among the pointers, collected from experts in the field (mostly in London), are instructions on proper brushing, hanging and storing of clothes -- all with clear illustrations.

The spit-and-polish method of shoe care, from Britain's Coldstream Guards, also is illustrated (along with the warning, never spit after eating sweets or chocolates).

Instructions on brushing a jacket are offered by Mark Fairweather, First Footman to England's royal family: "Brushing removes dust and the need for dry cleaning," says Fairweather, who adds, "You should only need to take a suit to the cleaners three or four times in its lifetime."

Elise Gaubert, a ladies' maid in England, warns that women's clothes should be brushed far less vigorously than men's clothes. Some delicate tweed skirts, for example, should just be given a good shake before being put away.

The book is worth its $6.95 price just for its suggestions on spot removal and emergency repairs, including using a soft lead pencil to lubricate the teeth of a zipper, and a method for mending a zipper, taken from the costume room of the Royal Ballet.