Environmentalists could learn something from the screen-writing team of Neal Israel and Pat Proft. Recycling? These guys are experts. They wrote "Police Academy," then produced its sequel. Israel married director Amy Heckerling, who now seems dedicated to making Israel/Proft-style movies. Latest from the assembly line is "Moving Violations," which is just "Police Academy" all over again, without laughs.

The Glib Wise Guy here is Dana Cannon (John Murray), whose errant driving gets him assigned to traffic school, where he confronts Uptight Authority Figures, a Cop (James Keach) and a Judge (Sally Kellerman). Attendees at the school are a Cast of Outcasts -- a Nebbish (Brian Backer), a Hypochondriac (Wendie Jo Sperber), an Old Lady (Nedra Volz), a Psychopath (Ned Eisenberg) and a Space Cadet (Jennifer Tilly), who falls in love with the Glib Wise Guy.

"How can I be a hypochondriac when I'm sick all the time?" says the Hypochondriac.

There is an extended double-entendre bit in which a mechanic who styles himself a "car doctor" tells the Hypochondriac to "grease up" her "rear end." She thinks he's a real doctor! The Old Lady can hardly see, so she throws a lit flare into a car trunk. The car explodes in flames! The Cop and the Judge dress up in leather underwear and do naughty things. What hypocrites!

Moving Violations, at area theaters, is rated PG-13 and contains some profanity and sexual themes.