Running out of moisturizer and can't get to a drug store? Add a little water to the near-empty jar and stir. That's the kind of quick-hit advice in cosmetic mogul Adrien Arpel's new book, "Adrien Arpel's 851 Fast Beauty Fixes and Facts."

Lots of the advice you might have heard and perhaps tried before, but there is plenty more:

*To remove the red from a blemish, mix an equal mix of lemon juice and salt and apply directly.

*Use milk of magnesia as a cleansing mask (but avoid the eye area).

*Chew sugarless gum for 10 minutes as a great workout for cheeks, lips and throat.

*When your face is made up except for the eyes, spritz with an atomizer to set the makeup. A Water Pik helps to flush out clogged pores.

*To sharpen dull tweezers, sandpaper the tips.

*The best sunglass lens color is dark gray -- it doesn't distort colors and it acts as a good sun block.

*Keep nail polish and lip gloss in the fridge to prevent from thickening.

*Give your scalp a tingle by adding Perrier water to shampoo, or use it as a hair rinse after a swim.

*Two teething rings chilled in the freezer give the same results for puffy eyes as expensive gel masks.

*Pale blue eyeshadow is better camouflage for dark circles under the eyes than white.