Teen-agers from Edmund Burke School in the District offer their comments:

"I listen all the time. Music blocks everything out and so it's easier to concentrate. I listen when I talk on the phone, and fall asleep listening. My clock radio goes off after an hour. You know the lyrics by heart -- sometimes the lyrics have to do with your life, like your love life, and so you think about that. We don't consider it noise. It's probably like classical music is to adults."

-- Lisa Bennett, 13

"I listen anytime. I can listen and do my work, too. I like Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson. Rock has a better beat and you can dance to it. Classical is all boring."

-- Kerri Kane,13

"I listen to rock 'n' roll to get away, it's an escape from the hard pressures of school. When you come home from school you are just so tired. I'm dead. Rock revives me. When you listen to something different from your friends, they joke that they will shun you."

-- Cindy Atwell, 14

"I listen after school, while I'm doing my homework, whenever I have free time. I have about 20 tapes, 30 records. I like Motown from the '60s 'cause I like the rhythm. I listen 'cause everyone listens, not because of social pressure. It's just there."

-- Hadley Kincade, 16

"Rock 'n' roll is a release. I like some heavy metal, most I don't. I like music with a hard-driving beat."

-- Chris Mathes, 16

"I like New Wave -- Cockteau Twins, Roxy Music, Simple Minds. I don't like Prince, Michael Jackson or Madonna, though I like her face, not her music. I listen all the time -- after school, in the morning, while I work out, weekends. I play with a group, three other seniors . . . We play once a week just for fun. Eventually we would like to become famous and rich laughs ."

-- Steve Shahida, 18

"I listen to funk, slightly New Wave, Elvis Costello, '60s stuff like old Grateful Dead. Heavy metal is out with us. I listen with earphones while I do homeowrk, 'cause Mom and Dad don't like to hear it."

-- Anna-Sarah Mayer, 18