EVERY SEASON, it seems, a certain musical score or pop song becomes the "in" accompaniment (and/or inspiration) for many a choreographer. One year it was Pachelbel's "Canon." Then it was anything by Laurie Anderson or Brian Eno. And now The Penguin Cafe Orchestra's whimsical, pseudo- ethnic sound has become the rage.

When local artist Colette Yglesias picked a Penguin Cafe album out of a discount record bin many months ago, she had no idea she was on to something trendy; she just liked it. So she set her latest opus, "Turn Left at Twilight," to 25 minutes of Penguin Cafe musings, and the fey, lighthearted nature of the dance mirrors the music quite effectively.

In a space festooned with chairs, balloons, and a Calder-like chandelier, four women -- Theresa Barry, Celeste Lawson, Carolyn Yaney and Yglesias -- play out their individual fantasies. If you're expecting kinky goings-on, forget it. These are fantasies of a more ethereal nature, some humorous, others eccentric, each set into motion by a prop -- a kimono, a hat, a pair of gloves. One fantasy is danced as a solo; the other flights of imagination are portrayed in duet, trio and quartet form.

In addition to that premiere, Yglesias and company will present her "In Other Words" -- a disjointed, oddly furtive quartet accompanied by a sound poem based on an interview with John Cage -- as well as a revised version of the darkly compelling "Inside Outside Eye," which features some lovely solo dancing by the choreographer.

COLETTE YGLESIAS DANCE COMPANY -- Friday and Saturday at 8, Sunday at 5, Dance Arts Moving Arts Theater, 1317 G St. NW (Church of the Epiphany). Tickets $7. Call 737-1662.