I'd like to try some of the fancy men's socks. Do you match the shoes or the trousers?

Take your color cue for patterned men's socks from your trousers.

I'm about to buy a new suit. Any suggestions?

Make sure the jacket shoulders are wide enough so that the sleeves hang straight -- without bulges -- when your arms are at your sides. When buttoned, the jacket should be comfortable and long enough to cover the buttocks. Lapels should lie flat and the collar smooth.Vests should cover the trousers' waistband.

Finally, bring along a belt, shoes and business shirt on your shopping trip. Another idea: Try out -- in a suit that you're serious about -- all those things you usually put in your pockets.

When care instructions note a blouse as being washable, is it automatically dry-cleanable?

There is no guarantee that a washable item also is dry-cleanable. Your best bet is to ask the dry cleaner.

How do I clean a white plastic watchband?

Try toothpaste and a soft toothbrush. The toothpaste has the right amount of abrasive.

I've been told that club soda and baking soda can be used for removing spots from clothes. Is it true?

It's true, but for specific purposes. Club soda can be sponged onto all washable fabrics to remove blood, alcohol, coffee, tea and washable ink.

Butter, tea, oil and grease stains on washable fabrics should be sponged with water, then sprinkled with baking soda. Once the powder dries, gently brush it off the fabric.

It's essential to treat stains as quickly as possible.