An incorrect telephone number for High Hopes Farm was published in yesterday's Weekend section. The correct number is (301) 371-5537.

THE STRAWBERRIES are a bit ahead of schedule and will be showing their true colors this weekend, which marks the opening of nearly all the pick-your-own farms in Virginia and Maryland. The word is that the berries are great -- but there aren't a great many of them.

"The quality looks fantastic for what we have," reports George Roche, a marketing specialist for the Maryland Department of Agriculture. "Everything is coming in early, a full ten days ahead of last year." Dry conditions yield plump, sweet, bug-free berries, but put such stress on the plants that they produce fewer fruits.

Strawberries aren't the only crop to take a beating from the weather. The local peach crop was virtually wiped out by January's freezes, and even southern states will lose half or more of the potential crop.

But don't fret: Washington pickers will find almost everything under the sun, and not more than about 90 minutes away. This weekend you can begin with berries as close as Clinton, where Dwight Hare offers 71/2 acres of strawberries, mostly the Early Glow variety. A bit later in the season, move along to fresh vegetables and fruits at places like the Rapidan Berry Gardens in Rapidan, Virginia. "We have enough to keep you happy," says Erill Coleman who, along with her husband, Ned, plants more than a hundred acres of pick- your-own crops. "We have all kinds of goodies."

Complete guides to pick-your-own farms can be obtained at your local library in Maryland or by writing to: Marketing Services, Maryland Department of Agriculture, Annapolis MD 21401; in Virginia, send a SASE to VDACS, Division of Markets, P.O. Box 1163, Richmond VA 23209.

Here's a schedule of approximate dates that crops can be expected and a sampling of where to pick 'em. Remember, certain items are coming in a bit earlier than usual. Be sure to call ahead for farm rules on picnicking, containers and crop availability.


SWEET CHERRIES -- June 15 to July 15.

BLACK/RED RASPBERRIES -- June 15 to July 10.

SOUR CHERRIES -- June 15 to July 15.

BLUEBERRIES -- June 20 to August 1.

BLACKBERRIES -- (thornless) August 1 to September 10.

PEACHES -- July 5 to Sept 20.

NECTARINES -- July 25 to August 25.

BLACKBERRIES -- July 5 to August 1.

STRAWBERRIES -- May 15 to June 20.

WATERMELON -- all of August and into September.


ASPARAGUS -- April 25 to June 15.

CABBAGE -- June 1 to September 15.

PEAS -- all of June.

BEANS -- June 10 to September 15.

SQUASH -- June 25 to September 1.

CUCUMBERS -- July 1 to September 1.

POTATOES -- July 1 to September 30.

BEETS -- July 4 to September 1.

SWEET CORN -- June 25 to September TOMATOES -- July 4 to September 15.

BROCCOLI -- July 10 to November 1.

OKRA -- July 15 to August 30.

LIMA BEANS -- July 20 to September 1.

EGGPLANT -- July 25 to September 10.

PEPPERS -- July 25 to September 15.

WINTER SQUASH -- August 7 to September 30.

TURNIPS -- August 15 to November 1.


STEGMAIER ORCHARDS 301/722-5266. R.F.D. 9, Box 355, Cumberland. Apples, black and red raspberries, strawberries, bramble plants, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes. ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY

MORELAND FARM 301/798-5074. Mill Swamp Road, edgewater. Strawberries.

KINDER FARM 301/721-2389. 2310 Davidsonville Road, Gambrills. Strawberries.

MT. AIRY U-PICK FARM 301/798-0838, 798-1862. 832 Mt. Airy Road, Davidsonville. Strawberries.

MYLES FARM 301/627-2294. 4169 Sands Road, Harwood. Strawberries.

NORWOOD FAMILY FARM 301/744-1691. 1283 Generals Highway, Crownsville. Strawberries, blackberres.

PETTEBONE FARM 301/757-2117 or 757-3128. 1576 Bayhead Road, Bayhead. Strawberries.

PUMPHREYS HOMEGROWN 301/987-0669. 10 Md. Rt. 3 South, Millersville. Complete selection of vegetables.

ROBEY FARM 301/674-7285. 132 Waugh Chapel Road, Odenton. Strawberries.

SCHILLINGER FARM 301/969-5909. 8029 New Cut Road, Severn. Strawberries.

ANTHONY SMITH FARM 301/757-1625. 581 Broadneck Road, Annapolis. Strawberries.

WATTS FARM 301/858-1393, 948 St. Stephens Church Road, Gambrills. Strawberries.

ZANG FARM 301/867-3466. 4475 Muddy Creek Rd. Harwood. Strawberries. BALTIMORE COUNTY

ARMACOST FARMS 301/239-3440. 16926 Forsuch Mill Road, Upperco. Apples, potatoes.

BACKACHE ACRES 301/692-5472. 4200 Madonna Road, Jarrettsville. Strawberries.

HUBER'S FARM 301/679-1948. 12010 Philadelphia Road, Bradshaw. Strawberries, complete selection of vegetables including exotics: fava beans, cranberry beans, white half runners.

MOORE'S ORCHARD 301/256-5982. 5242 E. Joppa Road, Perry Hall. Apples, snap beans, white corn.

RUTKOWSKI & TAYLOR FARM 301/592-8785, 592-8764. 11211 Raphel Road, Upper Falls. Strawberries, pumpkins, complete selection of vegetables.

STOECKER FARMS 301/329-2140. 2501 Gibson Road, White Hall. Thornless blackberries, black raspberries, red raspberries, strawberries, mushrooms, complete selection of vegetables.

VALLEY VIEW FARMS 301/666-2058. 11035 York Road, Cockeysville. Strawberries. CALVERT COUNTY

SEIDEL FARM 301/535-2128. Plum Point Road, Huntingtown. Thornless blackberries, red raspberries, wine and table grapes.

TROUTTS FARM 301/741-5393. Md. Route 4, Dunkirk. Collards, kale. CARROLL COUNTY

BACHMAN VALLEY FARM 301/876-1776. 460 Old Bachman Valley Road, Westminster. Sour cherries, sweet cherries, strawberries, green peas, pumpkins.

BAUGHER'S FARM 301/848-7490, 848-5541, 857-0111. 1236 Baugher Road, Westminster. Black and red raspberries, sour cherries, strawberries, sweet cherries, snap beans, green peas.

BLUE RIDGE FARMS 301/848-3431. 2307 Uniontown Road, Westminster. Strawberries.

DORAN'S CHANCE FARM 301/795-2609. 6914 Ridge Road, Marriottsville. Thornless blackberries, strawberries.

UNGER'S FRUIT FARM 301/374-9243. 2020 Albert Rill Road, Hampstead. Apples, pears, strawberries, sweet cherries, sour cherries. CHARLES COUNTY

MURRAY'S FARM 301/932-1429. Rt. 232 off Rt. 5, 1 mile, Bryantown. Strawberries, red raspberries, blueberries.

STANLEY FARM 301/753-6229. Rt. 484, Marbury. Strawberries, red raspberries, blackberries, complete selection of vegetables. FREDERICK COUNTY

CATOCTIN MT. ORCHARD 301/271-2737. U.S. Rt. 15 near Franklinville Road, Thurmont. Blackberries, black raspberries, blueberries, cherries, strawberries, beets, broccoli, green peas, spinach.

GLADE LINK FARM 301/898-7131, 9332 Links Bridge Road, Walkersville. Strawberries, blueberries, broccoli, cauliflower.

HIGH HOPES FARM 301/371-4626. 2704 Bennies Hill Road, Middletown. Red raspberries, strawberries.

PRYOR'S ORCHARD 301/271-2693, 13841 B. Pryor Road, Thurmont. Sour cherries. HARFORD COUNTY

JONES PRODUCE FARM MARKET 301/676-3709. 2100 Philadelphia Road, Edgewood. Strawberries, snap and lima beans, green peas.

LOHR'S U-PICK FARM 301/836-2783. 3212 Snale Lane, Churchville. Strawberries, complete vegetable selection.

Mt. PLEASANT ORCHARD 301/939-2222. 1620 Chapel Road, Havre de Grace. Apples, strawberries, beans, peppers, spinach, turnips, kale.

QUAKER HILL FARM 301/838-5583. 1955 Grafton Shop Road, Havre de Grace. Strawberries, snap beans, broccoli. HOWARD COUNTY

DUNTEACHIN FARM 301/465-8310, 5377 Kerger Road, Ellicott City. Strawberries, cauliflower.

KOANDAH GARDENS 301/531-5444. 4967 Ten Oaks Road, Dayton. Red raspberries, cherries, strawberries.

LARRILAND FARM 301/854-6110, three miles south of I-70 on Route 94 at 2525 Florence Road, Woodbine. Apples, blackberries, red raspberries, strawberries, vegetables.

SHARP FARM 301/489-4630. 3779 Sharp Road, Glenwood. Strawberries, vegetables. MONTGOMERY COUNTY

BUTLER'S ORCHARD 301/972-3299, 22200 Davis Mill Road, Germantown. Blackberries, red raspberries, strawberries, vegetables, free hayrides through May 26.

DAYSPRING CHURCH FARM 301/428-3454, 11301 Neelsville Church Road, Germantown. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, green beans, tomatoes, herbs, flowers.

FARMER FULKS GREENHOUSES 301/926-0772. 18849 Laytonsville Road, Gaithersburg. Strawberries.

HOMESTEAD FARM 301/977-3761 or 926-6999, 15600 Sugarland Road, Poolesville. Blackberries, red raspberries, grapes, strawberries, vegetables, flowers.

INNSTEAD FARM 301/972-7247, 18020 Edwards Ferry Road, Poolesville. Blackberries, strawberries, broccol, white corn, green peas.

LEWIS ORCHARD 301/349-4101. 18900 Peach Tree Road, Dickerson. Apples.

NEAL'S ORCHARD 301/972-8555, 21511 Peach Tree Road, Barnesville. Cherries, plums.

PAUL'S PATCH 774-6779. 805 Greenbridge Rd., Brookville. Strawberries, black and red raspberries, wine grapes, Italian tomatoes.

RASPBERRY HILLS 774-2543, 4600 Sundown Road, Laytonsville. Strawberries, red raspberries (fall variety).

ROCK HILL ORCHARD 301/831-7427. 28600 Ridge Road, Mt. Airy. Red raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, snap beans, green peas, sugar snap peas, herbs. PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY

CHERRY HILL PRODUCE 301/292-4642, 12300 Gallahan Road, Clinton. Strawberries, apples, blueberries, vegetables.

HARE'S BERRY FARM 868-4755 or 868-7704, 7806 Colonial Lane, Clinton. Strawberries.

E.A. PARKER & SONS 301/292-3940, 12720 Parker Lane, Clinton. Blackberries, strawberries, vegetables, canning supplies, organic grains.

DARROW BROTHERS 301/390-6611 or 390-6191. Route 193, Glenn Dale. Strawberries, red raspberries, blackberries, green beans,. greens, tomatoes, silver queen corn, melons.

JOHNSON FAMILY FARM 301/627-8316, 17000 Swanson Road, Upper Marlboro. Blackberries, black and red raspberries, strawberries, blueberries.

KERBY'S MARKET 301/567-4375, 8407 Indian Head Highway, Oxon Hill. Strawberries. Complete selection of vegetables.

MILLER FARMS 297-5878, 297-9370. 10140 Piscataway Road, Clinton. Strawberries, blackberries, complete selection of vegetables.

ROBIN HILL FARM 301/579-6844. 15800 Croom Road, Brandywine. Pumpkins, turnips, kale.

WALZEL FARM 301/292-1647. 11108 Fort Washington Road, Fort Washington. Strawberries. ST. MARY'S COUNTY

MOORE'S MARKET 301/994-1134. Rt. 5, Great Mills. Strawberries, vegetables. WASHINGTON COUNTY

LEWIS FRUIT STAND 301/824-2811 Rt. 64, Cavetown, Smithburg. Strawberries, farm tours.

RAVENROCK VIEW ORCHARD 301/824-7106 or 824- 2362. Rt. 3 Smithburg. Blueberries, farm tours. VIRGINIA CULPEPER COUNTY

RAPIDAN BERRY GARDENS 703/672-4235, Rapidan. Strawberries, watermelon, blueberries, complete selection of vegetables.

MOORMONT ORCHARDS 1-800-571-2262 (after June 15) or 703/672-3730. Rt. 1, Box 464, Rapidan. Apples, nectarines, damsons, grapes and vegetables. FAIRFAX COUNTY

COX FARMS 281-0165 or 830-4121. 2599 Chain Bridge Road, Vienna. Strawberries, pumpkins, complete selection of vegetables, apples.

POTOMAC VEGETABLE FARMS 703/759-2119, 9627 Leesburg Pike, Vienna. Strawberries, raspberries, pumpkins, flowers, scoop your-own-compost, complete selection of vegetables. FAUQUIER COUNTY

LAKOTA GARDENS 703/439-8878. Rt. 1, Remington. Complete selection of vegetables, herb and flowers, watermelons, cantalopes.

MANOR LANE FARM 703/347-4883. Route 681, five miles west of Warrenton. Strawberries, thornless blackberries. LOUDOUN COUNTY

CHANTILLY FARM MARKET 703/378-7113, 777-4041, Route 2, Leesburg. Strawberries, pumpkins, hayrides in fall.

HILL HIGH 471-1448, Route 1, Box 14, Round Hill. Strawberries, apples, raspberries.

JEFFERSON FARM 703/662-8705. Rt. 1, Box 136A, Clear Brook. Mulberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries.

SUNSHINE FARMS 703/777-5651. Rt. 1, Box 9, Purcelville. Red raspberries.

WHEATLAND VEGETABLE FARMS 703/882-3996, Route 1, Purcellville. Strawberries, raspberries, beans, peas. ORANGE COUNTY

DARNELL'S PRODUCE 703/672-3426, 249 Belleview Avenue, Orange. Complete selection of vegetables and melons.

DOUBLE B FARMS 703/854-4550, Route 1, Box 154C, Rhoadesville. Strawberries, red raspberries, sweet corn, tomatoes, broccoli, blackberries, pumpkins, gourds, winter squash.

EDGEWORTH FARM 703/832-2127. Rt. 1, Box 241. Gordonsville. Strawberries. RAPPAHANNOCK COUNTY

JORDAN RIVER FARM, 703/636-9388, State Road 637, Huntly. Strawberries, complete selection of vegetables, bread and honey, brown eggs. ROCKINGHAM COUNTY

GENTLE GIANT 703/234-8827, Route 1, Box 170-E Port Republic. Strawberries, peas, asparagus, blackberries. SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY

RICK & VAN'S 703/775-7890, Route 4, Fredericksburg. Strawberries, complete selection of vegetables.

BELVEDERE PLANTATION 800-641-1212, 703/371-8494, Route 17, Fredericksburg. Strawberries, blackberries, broccoli, peas, greens, red raspberries, sweet corn, pumpkins.

SNEAD'S FARM 703/898-1326. 1 Burch Circle, Fredericksburg. Strawberries.

GREAT OAK FARM 703/775-7668. Jersey. Blueberries. WARREN COUNTY

HARMONY HOLLOW ORCHARD 703/636-2009. Front Royal. Blackberries, raspberries.