"Dial H for Hitchcock," a festival of films at the Dupont Circle, reminds us that Sir Alfred Hitchcock, with 53 movies in 50 years, was indisputably the Master of Suspense. All the same, he once admitted, "Everything frightens me." Fear and the attendant adrenaline make the mind sharper, so answers to the following should come readily to mind.

1. Hitchcock began his film career as a title writer and designer. He became a full-fledged director with which of the following films?

a. "Number 13."

b. "Number 17."

c. "The Blackguard."

d. "The Pleasure Garden."

2. Hiichcock's first film was shot in which of these countries?

a. England.

b. Wales.

c. Germany.

d. France.

3. "Rebecca," Hitchcock's first American film, won an Academy Award for Best Picture. For which film did he win best director?

a. "Lifeboat."

b. "Rear Window."

c. "Psycho."

d. None of the above.

4. Hitchcock made his first cameo appearances (in a newspaper office and a crowd scene) because he didn't have money for extras in which of these films?

a. "The Lodger."

b. "Easy Virtue."

c. "Downhill."

d. "Jamaica Inn."

5. Hitchcock never finished his last film, on the career of British double agent George Blake. Do you remember that title?

a. "Double Bluff."

b. "The Short Night."

c. "Nothing But the Truth."

d. "The Two-Headed Spy."

6. The Master of Suspense hit a low point in his career with his 18th film, not a thriller but a costume romance. What was it?

a. "Champagne."

b. "The Farmer's Wife."

c. "Waltzes From Vienna."

d. "Elstree Calling."

7. Hitchcock hit his stride in the mid-'30s with such classics as "The Man Who Knew Too Much," a film he made twice, once in 1934 and again in 1956. The later version received an Oscar in which category?

a. Best actor, Jimmy Stewart.

b. Best actress, Doris Day.

c. Best song, "Que Sera, Sera."

d. Best adapted screenplay.

8. Hitchcock was 77 years old when he finished his last complete film. Originally called "Deceit," it starred Karen Black, Bruce Dern and Barbara Harris. What was it finally called?

a. "Frenzy."

b. "Family Plot."

c. "Torn Curtain."

d. "Time Will Tell."

9. Among the directors whohave paid homages to Hitch are Francois Truffaut, Jonathan Demme, Mel Brooks and Brian De Palma. Can you match the director with the film?

a. "High Anxiety."

b. "Obsession."

c. "The Last Embrace."

d. "The Bride Wore Black."

10. Jimmy Stewart starred in four Hitchcock films. Which was his first?

a. "Rope."

b. "Rear Window."

c. "Vertigo."

d. "The Man Who Knew Too Much."

11. Hitchcock was uniquely suited to directing "The Birds." Why?

a. His wife trained carrier pigeons.

b. His father was a poultry dealer.

c. His mother collected feathers.

d. He had several pet birds.