Bill Trumbull and Chris Core of WMAL-AM (630) will cover the facsimile of the 1985 Inaugural Parade this Monday from Walt Disney World's Epcot Center. The Disney operation has invited all the bands that didn't get to perform because of this year's cold-weather cancellation. Washington's Eastern High School is expected to march, and the onlookers are expected to include President and Mrs. Reagan. WMAL's reports begin at 3 p.m. 40th Street Changes

As of Monday, Judy Taub, the morning drive editor at all-news WTOP-AM (1500), will be the news director. Down the hall, Dave Hodgdon, the music director at a Manchester, N.H., station, will be joining WTKS-FM (102.3) as operations manager. Leaving ballad "Magic 102" are Jerry Clark, a long-time local announcer, and Linda Kelly, a staff announcer who is returning to her first station, WCLY-FM (95.5), for a weekend shift. Michael Douglass, the general manager of both stations, said he was "not in a position" to discuss the departures of Clark and Kelly. Public Business

After a seven-hour meeting at their annual conference in Denver, the member stations of National Public Radio overwhelmingly approved a business plan Wednesday night that would give most federal radio dollars directly to the stations. In the past, NPR received the annual federal subsidy from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The details of the plan must be worked out with CPB. It would go into effect for fiscal 1987, and NPR management readily admitted this week that fiscal 1986 is still going to be a tough financial year. Clements' Leadership

"Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be employed by Mutual, never mind be president," Jack Clements was saying this week as he adjusted to his new title of president of Mutual Broadcasting System.

Clements, who grew up on Mutual's "The Lone Ranger," got his first announcer's job at a Mutual affiliate in Spartanburg, S.C., and has worked for the network for 12 years, most recently as executive vice president and general manager. He was named chief executive officer last week. His promotion follows a successful year for the network under Clements, 56, who took over the company after the abrupt departure of president Martin Rubenstein last April. "It is a tribute to the efforts of all the people at Mutual during the last year. And it underscores the commitment of Amway." Amway Corp. owns Mutual.

Sitting in his Crystal City office, Clements effortlessly recites the signs of Mutual's success. "We have new shows -- 'America in the Morning,' the first time radio went into a long-term news show in the morning. We added some names -- Rona Barrett, Tommy Lasorda, Mario Cuomo and Howard Baker. Our ratings are up. A year ago we were eighth among adults 25 to 54 -- now we are fourth. We stopped the erosion of our AM audience and at the same time expanded our FM audiences to one-third of our affiliates. Our advertising rate is up by 35 percent."

The year of what he calls "positive turnaround" has also been a time for the 50-year-old Mutual to reorder its priorities. "We have divested ourselves of ownership, made a determined effort to position ourselves in the network radio business and to make use of our excess satellite capacity," he says. Mutual sold its last two stations, dropped some features, such as regional football and the National Basketball Association playoffs, but plans a National Football League doubleheader in the fall. It made early renewal agreements with Larry King, the country's most influential talk host, and Dick Clark, one of the country's most popular music personalities.

In the future, Clements wants to push Mutual into the high technology market while trying to find a way to do more programs for specialized audiences, such as children. Mutual, the first commercial radio network to use satellites, has announced the creation of an FM subcarrier telecommunications service, scheduled to start this summer, which will use its excess capacity on the satellite. The profit from this venture will be realized down the road, says Clements. Specials

WDCU-FM (90.1): All jazz and gospel until 6 a.m. Tuesday . . . WAVA-FM (105.1): A countdown of 500 all-time favorite songs of area listeners, through Monday . . . WASH-FM (97.1): Washington 500, a similar list, as determined by the WASH computer, through Monday afternoon . . . WWRC-AM (980): A countdown of the 98 favorite songs from its listener survey, starts today at 8 a.m.; repeated at noon Monday . . . WOL-AM (1450): Remote from the Kenilworth Tenants Association festival at RFK Stadium, today, 2 to 5 p.m . . .

WWDC-FM (101.1): Rock Radio Awards at 11 tonight . . . WMAL: Kemper Open Roundtable with Bill Mayhugh at 7:05 p.m. Wednesday. Reports by Ken Beatrice and Johnny Holliday from the Congressional Country Club throughout the tournament . . . WPKX-FM (105.9): Mutual's Memorial Day "Triple" with Lee Greenwood, Mickey Gilley and Anne Murray from 9 p.m. to midnight Monday.