Though it didn't have an employe holiday, the No Nonsense company did pause to remind people that May 15 marked the 45th anniversary of nylon hosiery. On that first day in 1940, 72,000 pairs of nylon stockings were sold in New York City, and the days of sagging silk hose were over.

"Since 94 percent of American women wear nylon hose or knee-highs, we're taking advantage of this anniversary to remind people of the great breakthroughs that have come about in the hosiery industry," said Roger Beahm, vice president of marketing for No Nonsense.

"Women had very little choice in 1945. And within one year of the introduction of panty hose in 1966, they constituted the majority of hosiery sales," said Beahm. Who'd have thought there would some day be patterns, colors, sheer, support, winter and summer styles, queen-size and tummy control?

Many people think the only thing to do with ripped panty hose is to wear them under trousers. But apparently an awful lot have found other uses, because Doubleday has come out with another book on things to make with them.

"More Great Pantyhose Crafts," by Ed and Stevie Baldwin, offers patterns and instructions for turning old panty hose into dolls, boot shapers, wall hangings and more.