The tempest in the bookpot over credit for "A DAR Sampler: Dining with the Decorative Arts" has been settled with the payment of $20,000 to Faith K. Tiberio of Sherborn, Mass.

Tiberio, former curator general of the Daughters of the American Revolution, had brought the lawsuit against Sarah M. King of Murfreesboro, Tenn., the current DAR president. The original complaint, filed in October 1983, charged that King had ordered the removal of six pages in the cookbook.

The pages in question credited Tiberio as author and compiler of the work. They included two photographs of Tiberio, two of her recipes for pecan pie and strawberry or peach sauce and a photograph of -- and text by -- former president general Patricia Walton Shelby. The lawsuit also alleged copyright infringement. Tiberio had copyrighted the book and charged that King had "unlawfully" registered the copyright for the DAR.

Under the out-of-court settlement, the DAR will pay Tiberio $20,000 -- about $5,000 less than the expenses she incurred compiling and writing the book, Tiberio said. King stipulated that she has no authority to commit present or future DAR executive committees to any action, but the agreement says that if the cookbook is reissued, "the defendant, Sarah M. King, as an individual, feels that it would be appropriate and would recommend the insertion" of Tiberio's copyright. The agreement did not provide for reinsertion of the missing pages.

King also appointed Tiberio to the society's ethics committee, according to Tiberio's lawyer, Jonathan M. Weisgall. The appointment was not a part of the settlement.

Still pending, Weisgall said, is a DAR disciplinary hearing, scheduled for Oct. 10, at which the organization could expel, suspend or reprimand Tiberio and another DAR member, Joyce Finley. In April 1984, both women spoke out against a proposed bylaw requiring that DAR applicants show that they are "legitimately" descended from an American Revolution soldier or supporter. The bylaw, since tabled, was seen by some as a way to exclude blacks from DAR membership.

King could not be reached for comment.