With Claus von Bu low's choice in lady friends, he doesn't need to go looking for enemies. His former mistress Alexandra Isles has testified against him in his current retrial on charges he twice tried to kill his wife, Martha (Sunny) von Bu low, with insulin. It was said he wanted to collect her fortune and marry Isles, his lover at the time.

That affair is over, but von Bu low has a new lady friend in this continuing soap opera. This one, Andrea Reynolds, now has written to his two stepchildren to chastise them for making disparaging remarks about him. They initiated the investigation that led to von Bu low's first trial, which ended in the conviction that was later overturned on constitutional grounds.

"You both have a hell of a nerve to pass judgment on Claus," she wrote. She said she had the children, Alexander von Auersperg and Annie-Laurie Kneissl, investigated and the results offered to von Bu low to attack their credibility with the jury. Their stepfather, however, declined to use the material. She advised the stepchildren to "be quiet, stop making silly noises. You have caused irreparable damage." Then she added, "it saddens me to owe much of my happiness with Claus . . . to your mother's present condition. But I didn't steal her place. She left it vacant."