The only wonder is why it took so long

At the Gateway Georgetown Condominium, a brick apartment complex at 2500 Q St. NW, a resident heard a knock at her door one recent Sunday afternoon. There stood a woman who has come to be known as The Yuppie Bandit.

In the condo newsletter, the resident later described the visitor as "breathless, distraught and yuppie -- designer jeans, plaid shirt, brown hair pulled back, suntanned and freckled. You know you've seen her in the hall, probably with her husband and baby."

You also know you've heard the cock and bull story before. All about how her car has been towed, and she needs $80 to ransom it, and her husband is away until 10 p.m., and the front desk is out of money, and oh-my-oh-yes-oh-sure I'll return it just as soon as . . . .

But despite the familiarity of all this, the resident bit -- to the tune of $15. So did another resident of 2500 Q, for $35. According to the cops, several other residents in several other nearby buildings have been similarly "touched" in recent weeks.

Good advice came from Rosemarie Locklear, resident manager of the twice-burned-twice-wise Gateway condos.

Residents should not open their doors to anyone unless they know them, said Rosemarie. "They should also ask people for identification and check with the desk to see if they live in the building," she said.

Moral of the story: Cons come in all forms, shapes, sexes and degrees of yuppieness. Be careful out there.