Barbara Walters will reveal at the end of her "exclusive" postverdict interview with Claus von Bu low tonight that in spite of the fact that he is financially comfortable, he will be getting a job. After a European holiday with his companion Andrea Reynolds, von Bu low will move to London to work for John Paul Getty Jr., the son of the man he once worked for. Von Bu low explains he had been "a family retainer before."

During her ABC "20/20" interview, coming just days after von Bu low's acquittal Monday on charges he twice tried to murder his wife, Walters asks if he would go the hospital to visit Martha (Sunny) von Bu low, where she has been in a coma since December 1980. "Yes," he answers. "I think I'll have to have someone independent with me because you know they have said . . . I might hurt her in the hospital." When asked what he thought his wife might have felt or said if she could come out of her coma, he answers: "She would certainly say I had nothing to do with it. I'm convinced of one thing: Sunny would have been my strongest defender."