Wolf Trap Farm Park this week became one of the first outdoor facilities in the country to use "surtitles" to provide English translations of operas. The service, introduced for the New York City Opera productions of "Turandot" and "Madama Butterfly," is aimed at making opera more accessible. The idea was popularized locally by the Washington Opera Company.

The translations, white letters against a black background mounted on slides, are flashed over the stage while the words are being sung. It's a complex process in opera, where there may be as many as 600 cues in a single performance, requiring a two-person crew: projectionist and cue-caller, the latter an assistant conductor who can read the score. ROCK RESOURCE

Got a record or a demo tape you want someone to hear but don't know where to send it? The Album Network has produced a useful book called "The Yellow Pages of Rock." Broken down into convenient categories like major market hit radio, college radio, major and independent record labels, distributors and promotion companies, the Yellow Pages is a convenient one-source reference for anyone in the music business. It's available for $75 from the Album Network, 8265 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood CA 90046. You also get a small pocket-size version and monthly updates. A new Yellow Pages is issued yearly.