There's a controversy between two local radio stations, WRQX-FM (Q-107) and WAVA-FM, about advertising for the July 4 concert on the Mall. "Q-107 is being very childish," said Alan Goodman, general manager for WAVA. His station paid an unspecified amount to be the sole promoter and broadcaster for the annual concert, and Goodman claims Q-107 is advertising the concert in a manner "which is attempting to mislead the public and is a clear misrepresentation."

"We know we have more listeners than WAVA and our listeners tune in for information," said Marty Wall, director of advertising and promotion for Q-107. He denied that his radio station deliberately pretended to be broadcasting the concert. "What we are doing is . . . promoting the show in the interest of our audience. We are doing it to stay current and contemporary."

Wall said that after receiving a telegram from WAVA ordering them to "cease and desist," the station did revise its advertisements. Q-107 has been the exclusive radio promoter of the concert since 1980, but Wall said this year the cost of that right "rose substantially" and it "wasn't worth the new dollar figure."

Joe Strauss, chief executive officer for the Love Foundation, which sponsors the event, explained that the cost of putting on the concert was "much higher" this year. "Because the costs so greatly increased, we asked for slightly more from sponsors." He added that he was unaware of Q-107's revised advertisements. "If they've changed, maybe that's good. I don't know what they've changed it to."