Teen-age girl discovers boy, undergoes adventures and misadventures, finds she must be true to her own self, gets boy.

That's the basic plot of most teen romances. Most publishers, however, have given their lines a special twist. Some of the leading players:

Sweet Dreams (Bantam, 88 titles to date), Wildfire (Scholastic, 70 titles), and Caprice (Tempo, 73 titles) are teen romances at their most popular and most basic. How to get boys, boys and more boys.

Sweet Valley High (Bantam, 22 titles). Elizabeth is the good twin and Jessica the bad. Frankly imitative of soap opera, with cliffhanger ending and continuing characters from book to book.

Cheerleaders (Scholastic, 6 titles), The Girls of Canby Hall (Scholastic, 11 titles), Seniors (Dell, 8 titles). More continuity series. Cheerleaders is basic soap opera; Canby Hall, featuring the adventures of two white girls and one black girl at boarding school, is slightly more sophisticated; Seniors offers sexually active characters (but no explicit sex).

Sunfire (13 titles, Scholastic) and the just-launched Dawn of Love (Archway/Simon & Schuster) are both American historical series, for readers who want more depth than the average romance provides. First Love (Silhouette, 148 titles) also aims for a higher literary standard, with endings that aren't even necessarily happy.