Nancy Hedman, a former bookkeeper for entertainer Ed McMahon, was charged Wednesday with embezzling $180,000 from the TV personality. Between August 1983 and March 1985, it is alleged, Hedman, 32, drew four checks, in increasing amounts, from a Continental Bank account of McMahon's and forged an endorsement on them. In an affidavit filed after Hedman's arrest on April 30, FBI special agent Gary Norby stated that the checks were made payable to Hedman.

Sir Laurence Olivier, 78, has returned to work on his latest book about acting, having recuperated from a gash in his leg caused by a bang against a piece of furniture, the actor's secretary said yesterday.

Tennis pro John McEnroe is facing a $6 million damage suit filed by Christopher Schneider, a social studies teacher at St. Mary's Girls High School in Manhasset, N.Y. Schneider claims that during an August 30, 1984, match between McEnroe and Tray Walke, McEnroe threw a handful of sawdust in Schneider's face, cursed him and challenged him to a fight. The incident, witnessed by television viewers, caused Schneider great humiliation and mental anguish, it is claimed. McEnroe's attorney is trying to have the whole matter dismissed.