Q: I've seen pictures of Princess Diana and others wearing two watches. Is it a practical matter or a new fashion?

A: Princess Diana occasionally wears her husband's watch while he is playing polo. Others may wear two watches while traveling to keep track of the time back home.

But such things are what fads are made of, and in the fall showings several designers presented models wearing two watches. Some watches have become so colorful and moderately priced that women have started wearing them in clusters, as bracelets.

Q: I'm planning to start sewing my wardrobe for fall. Flower prints are very popular for summer. Will they continue?

A: The patterns are far more classic for fall, particularly leaning to paisleys. But fashion scouts, studying the scene in St. Tropez this summer, tell us that by next fall, a popular theme will be fruit prints, taking the place of this season's flowers.

Q: More and more, I see fabric called "ramie" in stores. Is it a brand name?

A: Ramie is one of the oldest fibers. It was once almost solely imported from China but is now grown elsewhere, and used in home furnishings as well as clothing. It is effectively used in imitation of linen, and is hand-washable.

Q: Where do I find the fashion magazine Details?

A: At Commander Salamander and the WPA bookshop.

Q: When a care label reads "warm wash, warm rinse," what temperature does it mean?

A: According to the American Apparel Manufacturers Association, warm water for hand wash or washing machine means 90 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Another way to judge: when the water feels comfortable to the touch.

Q: I want to have the look of thick eyebrows, like Brooke Shields'. Any suggestions?

A: To make eyebrows look fuller, use two shades of eyebrow pencil, not one. By using one dark and one light pencil, the effect is more natural.

Q: I want to start looking for a new coat for fall. Any ideas about length?

A: Some of the best coats for fall are three-quarter-length. The length makes a great deal of sense, as it removes the problem of the coat being long enough to cover your longest skirt -- it simply is not meant to. It looks right with all lengths, and with pants as well.

Q: Is it true that most models' professional lives are over at 25?

A: The answer depends on the individual, not only on his or her natural development but on how hard the model wants to work at the career. Many models continue to work at top jobs into their early thirties. And at least one, Carmen, is still modeling at age 55.

In fact, Carmen's book, Staying Beautiful: Beauty Secrets and Attitudes From My Forty Years as a Model (Harper & Row), is one of the most straightforward books on modeling, exercise and beauty around.