Washington missed out on the inaugural parade this year because it was too cold, and for a while yesterday it looked as though today's Fourth of July Concert on the Mall might not come off, either. Organizers of the Beach Boys concert were having contractual and financial problems with the National Park Service, which were resolved late in the day when American Airlines, the "Sea-to-Shining-Sea" concert sponsors, loaned the producing Love Foundation an undisclosed amount of money.

The same difficulties seriously threatened Philadelphia's Beach Boys concert, scheduled for 3 p.m. today in front of the Art Museum. In that city, the mayor went on television to assure that the Fourth of July concert would take place, and a combination of sources put up the assurances and money to make it happen.

But the Dallas-Fort Worth concert scheduled for tomorrow was canceled because all the security, medical, parking and traffic control problems could not be resolved at the 700-acre concert site outside the metropolitan area.

Last night at a news conference Beach Boys manager Tom Hulett said today's show on the Mall includes the Oak Ridge Boys, New Edition, Jimmy Page, the Bellamy Brothers, Southern Pacific and the Four Tops. Other performers, including Joan Jett, have been scheduled but Hulett could not confirm they would appear.