During his opening performance Friday night, Bennett joked about the staying power of this season's music sensations Madonna and Prince. We will be seeing more of Madonna. The 24-year-old rock star, who became an almost overnight star with her album "Like a Virgin," will soon be featured in a 17-page pictorial layout in an upcoming issue of Penthouse magazine. And Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione says they are "exclusive, explicit" photos.

Madonna, who is also featured in the recent successful comedy film "Desperately Seeking Susan," apparently posed for the pictures in 1979 when she was living in New York and working as a professional model. Guccione, who didn't specify in which issue of the magazine the Madonna photographs would appear, said a number of nudes of her surfaced all at once. "They came from different sources -- photography teachers and their students, amateurs and professionals -- and we had the opportunity to select the very best."

As for Prince, he may be big in the West, but they don't like him much in Russia. His records are not available in the Soviet Union, but the newspaper Soviet Culture has described the Minneapolis-born singer as the "king of repulsion" who is "brainwashing young Americans."