THE DISCIPLINE and experience of appearing on daytime serials helped many well- known television and film performers in their quest for stardom. Here's a quiz about some ex-soapers and their shows.

1. Before his leading-man roles, this actor played bigamist Ben Harper on "Love of Life": a. Warren Beatty. b. Christopher Reeve. c. Roy Scheider.

2. An early role in Kate Jackson's career was playing "Daphne Harridge" on what now-defunct TV serial? a. "The Secret Storm." b. "Somerset." c. "Dark Shadows."

3. People now associate him with "Soap" and "Three's a Crowd," but who did Robert Mandan play on "Search for Tomorrow"? a. Keith Barron. b. Arthur Tate. c. Sam Reynolds.

4. Even "J. R. Ewing" was a good guy when seen on daytime TV. Who was Larry Hagman's character on "The Edge of Night"? a. Ed Gibson. b. Bob Hughes. c. Joe Roberts.

5. Even Oscar-winners have worked on daytime TV. Which of these actresses was "Rose Peabody" on "Search For Tomorrow"? a. Gale Sondergaard. b. Lee Grant. c. Ellen Burstyn.

6. David Selby, of "Falcon Crest," played Quentin Collins on what daytime serial? a. "General Hospital." b. "Ryan's Hope." c. "Dark Shadows."

7. Who played Gil McGowan on "Another World"? a. James B. Sikking of "Hill Street Blues." b. Dolph Sweet of "Gimme a Break." c. David Hasselhoff of "Knight Rider."

8. Mike Farrell of "M*A*S*H" was Scott Banning on what daytime show? a. "Days of Our Lives." b. "The Doctors." c. "One Life to Live."

9. Long before "Dallas," who did Ken Kercheval play on "Search for Tomorrow"? a. Len Whiting. b. Doug Martin. c. Nick Hunter.

10. What heartthrob played Snapper Foster on "The Young and the Restless"? a. Paul Michael Glaser. b. Troy Donahue. c. David Hasselhoff.

11. She appeared on "Search for Tomorrow" as Grace Bolton. Who is she? a. Jill Clayburgh. b. Ellen Burstyn. c. Jessica Walter.

12. Peter Falk, Roy Scheider, Warren Beatty and Marsha Mason all appeared on what serial? a. "The Guiding Light." b. "Love of Life." c. "The Secret Storm."

Answers on page 63. QUIZ -- Here are the answers to the quiz on page 28.

1. b, Christopher Reeve.

2. c, "Dark Shadows."

3. c, Sam Reynolds.

4. a, Ed Gibson.

5. b, Lee Grant.

6. c, "Dark Shadows."

7. b, Dolph Sweet.

8. a, "Days of Our Lives."

9. c, Nick Hunter.

10. c, David Hasselhoff of "Knight Rider."

11. a, Jill Clayburgh.

12. b, "Love of Life."