Once again, the events of the day have inspired Nashville radio personality Ken Scott to strum his guitar and write a song.

Scott, who shipped 1,000 copies of "Let Our People Go," his ode to the Flight 847 hostages, will release his next potential chart buster, "The Ballad of President Reagan," within 10 days.

"Maybe it'll perk him up a little bit with this operation and everything," says Scott, who hosts an afternoon talk show on WNAH-AM.

He wrote the pro-Reagan song in the heat of the hostage crisis and updated it when he heard of the president's health problems. He has already broadcast a rough version, in which he whispers:

You made the right decisions for our people in Beirut

Like a knight in shining armor, you came shining through

We don't take you for granted and the good things that you do

Mr. Reagan, we're proud to have a president like you.

Later in the somber ballad, backed by gentle guitar chords, he sings:

You set a great example for America to grow

You give total dedication in the leadership you show

We don't take you for granted

We're all down on our knees

Praying for your good health

'Cause we need you in D.C.

"Like the song says, he's got courage and wisdom and honesty," says Scott, a former JFK Democrat who shifted to Reagan in 1980. "I like his philosophies, and he's real down to earth."

Scott pledged to devote all royalties on the song to cancer research. When he wrote the hostage song, he offered the record's profits to hostages' families. But the release of the Flight 847 hostages rendered the song obsolete before it could steal its way into the hearts of Americans and generate a profit.

"The Ballad of President Reagan" is the latest in a series of musical tributes Scott has recorded. He also paid homage to Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight and recently released "The Ballad of Pete Rose" to salute the man who is on his way to breaking Ty Cobb's all-time hit record.

"I figured it was time to write one about the man in charge," he says of his decision to pen the Reagan song.

"The Ballad of President Reagan" is not the only tune in the Reagan jukebox, although it may be one of the more reverential. Other titles listed at the Library of Congress are "Reagan for Shah," "The Reagan Rag," "The Reaganomics Blues," "Reaganomics Might Be Working, But I'm Not," "Reaganomics of Love" and "The Reagan Fast Shuffle."