If the name Roger Baugh is at all familiar, it is surely because he appeared often on the Dinah Shore television show, "Dinah's Place," as a home furnishings expert. He also designed interiors for Cliff Robertson and Hugh Downs, computer hardware and software for Atari, and codesigned a collection of Egyptian-inspired bed linens with Jihan Sadat, the former first lady of Egypt, for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The label Roger Baugh is one of the best things to come along in a while in menswear. Burlington Industries' director of home fashions for several years, Baugh started in the fashion business a year back as part of the Murjani International group. He's now on his own, designing clothes that are more adventuresome and stylish than have been offered in menswear lately.Since he dosn't know yet what won't sell, he is willing to gamble on some fresh ideas. Everything has shoulder width, achieved with padding or quilting or epaulets. He's made an oversized, one-button shawl-collar jacket, meant to be worn as a second jacket, or over a big sweater. A natural gray roomy blouson has a knitted flange shoulder treatment and shawl collar. Nothing very tricky, but very well made -- and different enough to look like nothing else in your closet.