Drake Beam Morin Inc., an international outplacement firm, recommends the following procedures when firing:

*Terminations should occur on Monday or Tuesdays -- never on a Friday at 5 p.m. People need a chance to come back to the office and discuss the termination, rather than spend the weekend fretting and worrying about why it happened.

*The actual act of firing should occur within the first 10 minutes of the termination review. The remainder of the time should be spent allowing the person to express his or her feelings and to question the employer.

*Avoid platitudes such as "I know how you feel," "I know you will find another job right away" or "You will find this a real blessing in disguise." State the facts as you know them. Try to give two or three good reasons why the person was fired. The reasons should not be debated, argued or even discussed in such a manner as to give the employe hope of reinstatement in the company.

*Spell out benefits and hand a written statement to the employe at the time of the firing. (The person may not remember what was said, and will find the written statement helpful later.)

*Avoid making personal attacks -- statements such as "You should have seen it coming," "You're not very bright," "You are not very talented."