Among the publications and materials recommended by Frank Kirkpatrick and other experts for anyone planning to buy or run his own business:

*Storey Communications Inc., Schoolhouse Road, Pownal, Vt. 05261, publishers of Country Business Library. Among the titles: How To Find and Buy Your Business in the Country; Permits, Licenses and Registrations; Cash From Square Foot Gardening; The Insider Buyout.

*Checklist for Going Into Business and The ABC's of Borrowing, two free pamphlets from the SBA. Write Monroe Smith, Small Business Administration, 1441 L St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20416.

For a list of close to 200 free SBA publications dealing with running your own business, write SBA, P.O. Box 15434, Fort Worth, Texas 76119.

*The Bank of America's Small Business Reporter series covers numerous aspects of business operations, management and profiles. For a list of titles currently available, write: Bank of America, Dept. 3120, Box 37000, San Francisco, Calif. 94137.

*Chance of a Lifetime (Warner Books, 1985), by Bill Adler, helps entrepreneurs see, step by step, how (and whether or not) to translate their ideas into reality.

*How to Run a Small Business (McGraw Hill, 1974), by J.K. Lasser Tax Institute, the basic text. *Small Business: Look Before You Leap -- A Catalog of Sources of Information to Help You Start and Manage Your Own Small Business (Marlu, 1978), compiled and edited by Louis Mucciolo.

*The Women's Guide to Starting a Business (Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1980), by Claudia Jessup and Genie Chipps.

*How to Start, Finance and Manage Your Own Business (Prentice-Hall, 1978), by Joseph R. Mancuso.

*How to Pick the Right Small Business Opportunity (McGraw-Hill, 1977), by Kenneth J. Albert.