When Washington's Dominique met Las Vegas' Liberace they didn't open a restaurant. But they did talk about adding a Liberace number to Dominique's Gourmet Foods line of canned goods, one that already includes the U.S. Senate's bean soup.

"Low sodium chicken soup, maybe," Dominique said. "He's very healthy. I saw him 15 years ago and he looks younger now. He was very enthusiastic about our putting together a Liberace line. You know Paul Newman has a salad dressing."

"They stopped and had a business conference right in the middle of dinner Wednesday night," said Dan Langan, Liberace's spokesman. "When we left the restaurant, the back of our stretch limousine could hardly hold all the CARE packages he gave us full of bean soup and such."

At Dominique's, Liberace ate watermelon, maintaining his Las Vegas watermelon diet. "From my farm," said Dominique. And he also ate: artichoke stuffed with seafood hollandaise, soft shell crab almondine, ("My farmer caught them in the Chester River," said Dominique. "He brings maybe five dozen on Wednesdays") and almond amaretto souffle'. Liberace had a martini before dinner and wine with.

Diana Damewood, Dominique's manager, dethorned a rose before she presented it to Liberace. And she organized a procession of women diners to present their table roses to Liberace in return for kisses. Unfortunately, those roses had thorns.

"I'll never play again," Liberace joked.