After a day of conflicting news reports, and eight days in a special isolation unit at the American Hospital in Paris, actor Rock Hudson left Paris on a chartered flight for Los Angeles yesterday. The 59-year-old superstar, who has the usually fatal disease AIDS, was expected to be admitted to the UCLA Medical Center early today. The star was flown by helicopter from the hospital to Charles de Gaulle airport, where he was carried by stretcher onto an Air France 747. Nine other people also boarded.

Hudson's Los Angeles spokesman, Dale Olson, confirmed the plan to take Hudson to UCLA. He said the actor would be transferred by helicopter to the medical center shortly after the plane's arrival about 5 a.m. EDT today. He said the airport transfer would take place away from waiting reporters and camera crews. "Here's a man who's fighting for his life, and a press event there could jeopardize his life," Olson said. "My major concern at this point is his condition and his comfort. That is the reason he is being brought back here."

Hudson's decision to go home contradicted earlier reports that he was about to be transferred to a French military hospital. A publicist at the American Hospital said Hudson was not being treated for AIDS. The French armed forces press service said a senior military doctor specializing in AIDS research had consulted with Hudson's doctors about whether to take him to a military hospital. There was also an earlier report that the French Defense Ministry had agreed to admit the star to a French military hospital "if his condition warrants it," following a request made through the U.S. Embassy.