The Class Reunion has closed its doors and it looks as though another Washington landmark is no more. Like the famed Sans Souci restaurant, which was also only a few blocks from the White House, "The Class," as it was known to the regulars, was popular with newsmen and White House staffers, especially during the Nixon and Carter administrations. The bar, however, did not enjoy the same support from the Reagan White House, even though Press Secretary Jim Brady was a regular until he was severely wounded in the assassination attempt on President Reagan.

Many of the regulars learned of owner Thomas McKeon's decision to close "The Class" after 13 years on the 1700 block of H Street NW when they showed up for lunch yesterday. A small sign on the door said simply: "The Class Reunion is closed. Thank you for your patronage." McKeon would not say if the closing was permanent, nor would he comment about financial problems that employes say forced his decision Saturday. "I chose not to discuss it," he said. Tom Oliphant of The Boston Globe said he knew the end was near when Joan Grbach, the bar's manager, left in June. The building housing the Sans Souci is now a bank branch. It would be sad if that indignity comes to the Class Reunion.