With back-to-school days around the corner, there's plenty of shopping to do for the kids. One area that deserves special consideration is eyewear.

Eyeglasses for little ones must be durable, but according to children's eyewear manufacturer Avant-Garde, the child's taste must be taken into account. Avant-Garde designs eyeglass frames with specially constructed hinges for extra durability and decorated at the temple with tiny figures from the comic strip "Peanuts." "These popular characters can make the difference between a child wearing his eyeglasses . . . or hiding them," says Carlos Berl, executive vice president of Avant-Garde.

"It's important to realize that good, well-built frames can be used through a number of prescription changes. That's why it is vital to purchase frames that appeal to a child's sense of style and comfort. Otherwise, you may find that the eyeglasses mysteriously disappear in school or at play."

Berl suggests some guidelines to follow when selecting eyewear for children: * Build up excitement and anticipation at the prospect of getting glasses. If either parent or a sibling wears glasses, be sure to include the child when discussing, selecting or purchasing any family member's glasses. * Look for a proper fit, paying special attention to the bridge; too narrow and it will pinch, too wide and it will slide. * Check for sturdy construction that will weather the active life of a child. * Don't underestimate your child's taste. Let children pick the glasses they want, and chances are they'll wear them. Madonna: The Materials Girl