Yet another book about the Kennedy family is forthcoming and Sen. Edward Kennedy is not pleased, the Boston Herald reported yesterday. The biography, "Living With the Kennedys," was written by Marcia Chellis, Joan Kennedy's personal assistant and confidant during the 1980 presidential campaign.

What ticked the senator off when he read excerpts from the book in the paper on Sunday were descriptions of extramarital affairs that allegedly drove his wife to drink and eventually to divorce, his friends told the Herald.

Kennedy has reason to be upset. Some veteran Kennedy-watchers believe the book will harm Kennedy's chances to inhabit the White House. "The whispering campaign on the senator's 'women problem,' as it's been called, now will grow into a loud murmur," said Peter Collier, coauthor of "The Kennedys: An American Drama." "This book will take the problem public like it's never been before. It will become a major issue," Collier said.

Kennedy spokesman Brian Delaney disagreed, saying the book will probably not affect the senator's future political aspirations. "It's probably the 300th book on the Kennedys," he said.

Joan Kennedy had reportedly attempted to stop publication of the book. Neither she nor Chellis was available for comment.